Performing Arts

Presentation High School offers a vibrant performing arts program that includes theater, music, dance and more.

Every year Presentation produces two main-stage shows – a fall musical and a spring drama. Our student chapter of the International Thespian Society also produces smaller shows throughout the year, and our improvisation team, Spontaneous Combustion, performs its own shows twice a year. Our competitive dance team and women's chorale, Bella Voce, help round out an arts program that wows audiences all year long. For tickets and a complete schedule, visit our online Box Office.

Mainstage Productions  |  2014-2015 

Guys and Dolls  |  Nov. 1-16


By Loesser, Swirling and Burrows
One of the classics of the golden age of the American musical, Guys and Dolls follows some gamblers, missionaries and showgirls as they attempt to find success and love in 1940s New York. A tuneful score, memorable characters and a comical plot--will the gambler get the missionary to go to Havana with him or will he lose the bet?—combine to make this one of the most entertaining musicals of all time. Appropriate for all ages.


Stage Door  |  Mar. 14-22

A boarding house for actresses in NYC is the location for this comedy, set in the 1940s. Struggling to make a career in the theater, these gals face various challenges and obstacles on the way to their dreams. Some take the easy way while others stay true to their ethics and persevere. Strong women in an age where women were not taken seriously, Stage Door will have many modern parallels to our current age. Appropriate for all ages. 


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